‘I love what you’re wearing!’

Posted On 16 Sep 2012

Stepping in front of our style guide camera this month is Splash visual merchandiser, Rachel Buckley. She shares the story behind her look with us, in her own words…

Rachel Buckley Name : Rachel Buckley

Occupation : Visual Merchandiser

1. What does your job involve?

As a visual merchandiser I’m responsible for the overall look of the stores, everything from the way the products are put out to the window displays. I travel a lot to my four territories, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar and Kuwait, to work on the stores there and train the staff.


2. Describe your look?

I've never really thought of having a distinct "look", but maybe I do. I imagine that my friends would call my style something like "geeky” and “English” I usually go for darker, neutral colours; they suit me better than bright clothes. I love maxi dresses, but I’m a bit short so it’s difficult to find any that actually fit me. I’m only 23, but I always dress a bit older. I don’t like girly, girly things. I like to look a little bit smarter, but not frumpy, and I’ve probably become a bit more reserved and respectful of the local culture since I moved here.


3. Why this outfit?           

I like the knitted material of the dress and the way it fits my figure, but it’s not low cut and it has long sleeves so I don’t feel too revealed. I also love the subtle, flattering geometric print that draws your eyes while helping to make my waist seem that little bit slimmer.


4. Where would you wear it?      

I would wear this anywhere because it’s so comfortable. I would definitely put it on with a pair of heels for work. I also think it would be perfect for when I go somewhere cold in winter with a pair of tights and some boots.


5. Who would this style suit?      

I think this would suit anyone with a slightly more formal style and someone who doesn't like spending hours in the morning deciding what to wear.


6. Favourite feature?  

It has to be the print because it’s simple, stylish and slightly 60s retro.


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