‘I love what you’re wearing!’

Posted On 22 Apr 2012

It’s time to point the style camera at another member of the Splash team to get the story behind what they’re wearing. In the frame is Steven Scorer, merchandising maestro turned part-time model, with our beloved fashion brand.


Steven ScorerName : Steven Scorer


Occupation : Visual Merchandising Manager at Splash


What does your job involve?

As the Visual merchandising (VM) Manager for Splash, it is my job to take care of the look, feel and function of the Splash outlets. Everything you see in the store is VM apart from the clothes and I work in collaboration with our retail, projects and marketing teams to ensure the shop floor is aesthetically pleasing and commercially functional for our customers.  


Describe your look?

I've never really thought of having a distinct "look", but maybe I do. I imagine that my friends would call my style something like "geeky” and “English", especially my Landmark friends.



Why this outfit?       

The VM team and I recently launched our new brand ELLE at Splash; I really liked the collection so picked up a few pieces. It's the first time ELLE has been available at Splash so I thought it would be a good idea to conduct some research and see how it looks — the Chinos are stylish, comfortable and they contrast works well with the pink floral print polo shirt.


Where would you wear it?   

I could probably get away with wearing this with a jacket in the office. Alternatively, it can be modified for a more casual look by rolling up the chinos and slipping on some flip-flops. I would feel comfortable heading out to a music event or going for a lunch or a dinner.


Who would this style suit?   

Well, besides trendy VM managers (lol) I suppose it would suit most people. It's just a matter of adding your own personality to it so it becomes part of you. For example, for me it's my glasses or perhaps my bag that makes this look right for me.


Favourite feature?  

The cotton on this polo has been "mercerized", which produces a softer fabric than regular cotton. In short, this treatment makes the top really comfortable and gives it a nice sheen, which makes it look and feel a bit special.


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