‘I love what you’re wearing!’

Posted On 31 May 2012

Taking time out from juggling model bookings, photographers, TV presenters, clothing stylists and everything else his busy schedule demands, Sameer Aga of Splash steps in front of our style camera to reveal what’s behind his summer look.


Sameer AgaName : Sameer Aga


Occupation : Marketing and Events Executive at Splash


1. What does your job involve?

I have a great job, I take care of organizing the fashion aspects of Splash events like photo shoots, videos, Splash fashion shows and Splash TV, ensuring everything is where it should be and generally coordinating the events.


2. Describe your look?

I don’t have a defined “look” as such, what I wear depends largely on what’s happening on any specific day. At times, I need to dress more formally and on other occasions things can be more casual, but whatever the day has in store for me I like to feel comfortable and stamp my own personality on the clothes I wear.  



3. Why this outfit?           

The yellow shirt is so vibrant and is in this summer, I love the cheerful bright look it creates. When paired with the light trousers the result is a look that’s cool and fun.


4. Where would you wear it?      

It’s a pretty versatile daywear outfit, so you could get away with wearing it in most places: at the beach, shopping in the mall, at a brunch or just hanging around having coffee with friends. 


5. Who would this style suit?      

The outfit makes use of very simple bright colours and light textures, so it’s an easy look for most people to carry off. The linen shirt and cotton trousers make it perfect for tackling the Dubai summer heat, and the yellow shirt can be substituted for any light coloured alternative that suits an individual’s style.   


6. Favourite feature?  

Definitely the linen fabric, despite being susceptible to the odd crinkle, linen is such a great fabric for summer, it let’s your skin breathe and looks great too.


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