Co-ords – Matching outfits

Posted On 24 Nov 2014

Matching head to toe prints may seem too plain & boring, but no doubt they are actually one of the hottest fashion trends today! From bright prints to lace, floral details to mesh and more, mastering the right co-ordinates is your key to a bold and daring look. Pick your perfect combo with the right styled accessories for a nice finishing and you will absolutely  have  jaws dropping  wherever you go. If you're a fashionista and you're looking to make a fashion statement, check out our Splash Studio collection & choose your favorite items.


Earth Tone

Burnt orange is a fiery color that that is very popular in Spring & Fall! This color resembles warmth and elegance. And so does this chic combination of plain crop top and skirt. Remember, simpicity is the key to elegance. Get this outfit at Splash for only AED 120 for the cropped top and AED 110 for the skirt.



Monochrome is unbeatable when it comes to the battle of fashion trends. Countless celebrities have tried to impress the paparazzi with this trend & succeeded effortlesssly! A turtle neck is also your best-friend on a chilly day especially if you're not a fan of scarves. Don't miss this outfit from the Splash Studio collection for only AED 100 for the top and AED 100 for the skirt.



It is not advisable to completelty ditch colors in Fall and opt for light and earth tone colors. Can't decide which color is your favorite? Forget monochrome and brighten your day this season with this dazzling combination of green and orchid pink which are fabulously stylish!  Get this outfit now for AED 225 for the top and AED 100 for the skirt.



Even if you have a formal occasion or business gathering, you can find the perfect co-ord outfit. This chic shirt & pencil skirt combination is what you're looking for. Get them now for AED 100 for the shirt and AED 100 for the skirt.