Hair-do’s for the Sizzling Summer Season

Posted On 24 Apr 2013

You don’t know summer if you haven’t experienced in this region. It’s definitely one of a kind.


The only thing that runs through our mind when we get out of the car is how to deal with the unbearable heat and make sure our hair stays perfect and done up, just as it was when we left the house.


Don’t fret though, there’s still hope for that perfect hairdo during summer. We’ve listed down some hairstyles that will make your dilemma disappear.


Frizzy Hair Woes


Summer is probably hell for you especially if you have frizzy hair. The best and most stylish way of maintaining frizzy hair during summer is to always tie it up so that the frizz doesn’t get out of control. Twist sections of your hair into a die ponytail to rock an awesome hair-do.


Messy Buns


No matter what your hair type is, messy buns always look super chic. The trick behind messy buns is to make it look as effortless as you possibly can. It’s one hair-do that will work for any occasion.


Rapunzel Locks


It’s an absolute pain to deal with long locks during summer. If you’re looking for a change, medium length layers suit any face shape and always look trendy.



French Braids


If there’s one hairstyle you can never go wrong with, it’s french braids. Braids never get out of style and you can keep experimenting with them. Tie them up or tie them down, whatever suits your need and look.



Have you picked out a favorite hair-do as yet or are you going to experiment with all these looks during summer? Share your views with us!