How do you Style yours – Bodycon Skirts

Posted On 18 Aug 2013

One of the most daring fashion phases has got to be the bodycon dresses and skirts and guess what? It’s still trendy! We have a wide selection of bodycon skirts at Splash this season.


The bodycon trend was made for the confident women and if you have an hourglass figure, then these bodycon skirts should definitely be in your closet.


Here are a few stylish ways that you can wear your bodycon skirts.


The Fashionista

If you’re always in check with the latest trends and love looking your best everyday, then this is how you can incorporate this jade green bodycon skirt in your look.  Some vintage accessories and a messenger bag is all you need to complete this look.


The Working Girl

If you love to look stylish but trendy at work then here’s how you can use the bodycon skirt to your advantage and still add a splash of color to your outfit. Throw in a scarf for an opulent look.


Good vs Bad girl

Bring some mystery to you look by showing off your girly and rocker side. This look is feminine but rebellious at the same time.  Add some spunky bold accessories to complete this look.


Splash bodycon skirts: AED 50 - 55