Splash’s 20th Birthday Party, what a rockin’ party it was!

Posted On 03 Apr 2013

From the average Joe to the Jumeirah Jane, everybody knows Splash can throw a party in style, but this time, it was even better! 


It wasn’t just about the usual fashion fluff like runways, fashion and models. This time, the theme was Beach Glam! Imagine the season's hottest swimwear being paraded at a beach glam birthday! If this was our 20th birthday, we just can't wait for 21. With toe-tapping music that could bring Charlie Chaplin back and food that probably tempted every model ruin their good lipstick, this party carried on and on in a room filled with fashion owls!


Celebrating 20 years of fashion and style, the high-street brand lit up its 20th candle on Wednesday, the 20th of March at Rixos Hotel in Dubai. With a brightly colored cake that stopped onlookers in their tracks for a second look, the party was just bustling with Splash's agencies, partners and Landmark employees. Click on this link to see what all the fuss is about:  http://on.fb.me/Y8855X