Your Fashion Show Pick : Splash Fashion Show AW’13

Posted On 23 Sep 2013

We hope you’ve all marked the date, 27th of September on your social calendars because there’s nowhere else you should be except at the Splash AW’13 fashion show!

So you have your invite, you booked an appointment with your hairstylist and now the only question that remains is ‘What do I wear??’

Since the theme for the 5 pm and 7 pm show is ‘Romantic Best,’ we have put together a few looks that you might want to keep in mind for the fashion show.


Young Love

Young love is always the sweetest thing! If you want to base your look around that then ruffles, layers and sweetheart necks work best. Play around with peach, pinks, purples and whites to adopt this look. A cute and signature dress paired up with a slim fit jacket and tear drop earrings would complete the look.


Alluring & Feminine

When you’re at your comfortable stage of love, it allures you in. Put your feminine foot forward and try out a high waisted narrow skirt with a tucked in off shouldered top or a narrow fitted dress and some nude pumps.


An Eternal Romance

Who ever said romance has to be all about red roses and cute cards? We like to think it can be dark and spellbinding too! If you love dark hues, then we suggest you team your LBD with gold accessories and a box clutch to go with!


Shades of Red (10 pm show)


Shades of Red is the dress code for the Splash Fashion Show at 10 pm. If you are coming for the 10 pm show, make sure that you incorporate shade(s) of red in to your outfit. Here are some looks that we put together for you.


An Elegant Affair

When romance is past its initial phase, it turns to mature elegance. A bright red dress will definitely turn heads but it’s also how you accessorize your outfit to really stand out. A halter red dress with a few stand-out pieces of jewelry and a throw over coat.


Simply Romantic

Being is love is always the best feeling of all, so when you’ve been in love for the longest time, the bond is very strong. Make a strong statement at the Splash fashion show with a maroon slim fit dress and a skinny black high waisted belt to go with it. Throw in a white scarf to add a touch of elegance.


There you have it; some looks that you should definitely think about while choosing your outfit for the Splash Fashion Show. We’ll be seeing you there soon!