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Back to school looks to score an A+ on popularity

The class is back in session; and there is no room for fashion faux pas. It is time to look for serious inspiration to fast-track you on an impressive style journey, right from the first day of school. Well, we understand that the first week of school is hard enough with navigating unfamiliar classes, making new friends, and keeping up with homework and extracurricular activities. The last thing on your mind should be deciding on what to wear to make a great impression.


So, drumroll please: Here is the ultimate back to school collection from Splash that makes dressing for school a fuss-free and exciting adventure. Think style that matches the comfort you desire, playful designs that do not look childish, and smart looks that do not look boring— this is your new term wardrobe planned to a T.


Mono Moment

When in doubt, wear black! Bursting with umpteen layering options— blacks and whites deserve a whole shelf in your college wardrobe. A clean white shirt, a well-fitted pair of black pants, and a positive attitude are all the staples you need to slay your school year. Whether you are meeting your friends for after-school study or hanging out in the cafeteria, these pieces are goldmines for layering. Wear them in feminine polka prints or solid silhouettes—there is no failing this class as long as you get your monochrome right!


Smile away!

Want to calm the nerves on your first day of school? Put on a smile…literally! Our lingo is brimming with emojis, Gifs, and stickers, and what better way to add the cool quotient than sport these comfy fits with smiley emojis? Truly cutting-edge, these quirky designs in breezy summer-approved colors like lime, lilac, and white will add extra swagger to your look. So, boys and girls, bring on the happy vibes as you walk the hallways with this fabulous collection!


Athletic Tribe

All work and no play make you dull! Our school essentials list is incomplete without an adequate supply of activewear to see you through those nail-biting football matches and flat serves with your tennis racket. Functional and fun, these stylish active wears are designed with breathable materials that champion comfort and ease of movement.  Bonus? Mix and match these pieces with your regular wardrobe to create looks that take you from the schoolgirl to the cool girl!

Have a great school year. Y’all!