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Back to school

With schools opening back up soon and as excitement fills the air, it’s time to plan your outfits for this school year. With the pandemic and social distancing measures in place, things may look a little different at school this year but that doesn’t mean you must compromise on fashion, a zoom class is still a class! Let’s get outfit planning!


A fresh start!

Everybody loves a fresh start, and a new school year means exactly that. The start of school is the perfect time to showcase your latest taste in fashion and your own style! Pair a jersey skirt with a core V neck shirt, all in monochrome colours with a funky pair of boots for your first day. Layering is always a blast, so opt to wear a sleeveless dress with a topper of your choice. These outfits for your first day back at school will have you pumped!


Comfort, above all.

You can be casually chic AND in absolute comfort, if you pair your outfits right! A graphic tee with joggers or a polo shirt with denims and you’re sure to be comfy all day long. Now, who doesn’t want comfortable fashion? An A+ choice for comfort would be anything denim – you’re comfortable and also looking fine! In fact, comfortable style is not impossible as loungewear has become all the energy recently.

Staying trendy!

For those looking to create an impression that’s going to last, opt for an effortlessly modern outfit. For the guys, style a button-up, wrinkle-free shirt coupled with formal pants which will do the trick! For the girls, a trendy add on such as a blazer will take your outfit several notches higher. These are a few ways to own the look!

Don’t miss out on accessories

What better way to elevate your already great looking outfit than with accessories? Hair accessories such as hair clips, headbands and scrunchies are all the rage these days. Nothing quite like a completely monochrome outfit paired with strikingly bright hair clips to make a statement. Here’s your chance to explore the fashion world this school year! Caps are also a fun way to bring out the best of your whole look!

Back to school essentials

A cool backpack is essential as you head back to school. You can either opt for a simple backpack with very few colours or a backpack with some colour and graphic – whatever that suits your personality! As you step back into school, don’t forget to wear a mask and carry another with you at all times – safety is a priority!