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The 2023 style guide to be the ‘best dressed man’ in the room

While basics are the building blocks of creating a functional wardrobe, a lot of what you call basics depend on your personal style. True that there are the classics like the solid tees in muted tones and well-fitted black trousers that get your workwear edit sorted, but men’s fashion has been stuck in the uninspiring, after-thought vestige of fashion archives too long, waiting for reinvention. That is before Splash Fashions decided to take over your basic wardrobe and inject it with the much-needed color and life.

Re-imagination is the name of the game. Think new styles, new silhouettes, androgynous tailoring, and soft colors like yellow, lilac, and pink – each lending a fresh sartorial choice that lifts the drudgery of cookie-cutter dressing. To flaunt your individual style, be timeless and positively impact the environment! If there ever was a Basics collection that had it all, you will find in here.

Without further delay, presenting the top 5 looks specially curated to bring your fashion A-game to the new year - with a 100% sustainable update.-


Trucker meets Boyband

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An epic basics wardrobe is an alchemy of elements, each borrowed from fashion annals belonging to different timeframes. An all-American rugged trucker undergoing a soft color treatment, denim rocking subtle hues with kitschy baggy cuts, and a simple tee to round it all off – here is the call-back to fearless men’s fashion that Y2K always got right. Resort or casual, we can imagine these looks working a number of occasions without breaking a sweat.


Hello Butter!

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Irresistibly charming with a silkiness that you can almost taste, this shade of buttery yellow is a shapeshifter of sorts in your wardrobe. It is subtle yet luxurious, soft yet vibrant, and has all the makings of a piece that can blend into your everyday style while making it your very own. Start with a tee and if you are all-in on this fashion experiment, choose the pair of yellow denim as well.


Pink: the new black

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If a solid reinvention is what your wardrobe needs, then pink it up! Reaching beyond archaic gender rules, pink is the ‘it ‘color that does it all for your wardrobe. It’s bold, versatile, and pairs well with khaki, navy, and white – basically all the bottoms in your roaster.


No-fuss Neutrals

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These are the base pieces that will help your layering game. The sine qua non of your closet, these neutrals will carry you through warmer and cooler days and are must-haves that you should invest in without a second thought.


Nautical stripes

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A brunch with friends, a quick zoom call, or an impromptu vacay, nautical styles are true classics that we can never get tired of. These sailor-inspired blues and whites, accented with stripes have a gentleman-esque charm that can weather any fashion storm.