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Eid is the time to break out of your fashion reverie and blossom into colours that add to the festivities of the season. A time of togetherness, joyous gatherings, and great fashion—Eid presents the ideal backdrop to debut styles and silhouettes that bring out your personality.

While intricate dresses festooned with extravagant embroidery have become the forced norm of festive dressing, this is a collection that cherishes the lessons learned from our days of choosing comfort and practicality over wasteful embellishment.

A sparkling number, a classy floral dress, or an orange pantsuit? Here is everything you need to level up your festive fashion, without compromising on your unique style.


Monogram for the glam squad

For our girls who like a little glam, here are the looks that truly carry the festive spirit in generous measures. Introducing an aqua blue accent to add to the excitement of the abstract prints, these flattering silhouettes effortlessly complement your curves. Elegant yet glamourous, the dresses are sure to make you the star of the evening. Match the understated glamour of the dresses with a layered necklace, and voila! You are set to shine.


Backyard Florals for the boss girl

Be it summer parties, dinners, or events where you want to keep it casual yet sophisticated, these flattering silhouettes come to your rescue. With the nimble construction softened by floral patterns, these elegant pieces are every girl’s dream. Wear them in dreamy pastels or saturated florals— you have set the fashion standards high, either way!


Bright Bloom for the casual charmer   

The soft swishing of ruffles with paneled see-through lace details, a sunny palette that bursts with optimism and whimsical patterns that glide—elegance is embodied in these work-friendly fits that hold the festive vibe like pockets full of sunshine. If an exotic aesthetic that is as blissful as a tropical escape is what you crave, these gorgeous styles ensure that you bloom brightly this Eid.


Modernist for the primed and poised

How do you amplify your festive fashion? By adding a fresh dose of acrid neon to your outfit! If you are a lover of minimalistic styles, then investing in a daring floral fit is how you make a head-turning entrance. These contemporary wonders exude modern femininity and are what your festive wardrobe needs to make a memorable statement.