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Festive Collection

Festivity and celebration are right around the corner – which means it's time to up your outfit game! With Ramadan approaching, discover new and trendy looks, different ways to express your style while keeping up with the changing world of fashion. Step into Ramadan with these beautiful outfits!


Dress to impress with Splash Eid Edit collection and enjoy the festive vibes with Splash Couture dresses that feature maxi dresses to kaftans and sequins to lace, Splash’s festive edit is all about simplicity and feminine chic.


Florals, and more florals!

Floral dresses never miss the mark, and rightly so, because they are effortless, chic and can be dressed up or down – depending on your mood! This long-sleeved, subtle green maxi dress with floral prints is a great way to incorporate a feminine edge into your personal style. This garment is also sustainable, produced from post-consumer plastic bottles which have helped reduce almost 60% of carbon footprint!



Puff sleeves

Sleeve details are so in right now! For a little extra-ness in your outfits this Ramadan, this floral dress with puffy sleeves is just what you need. It’s colourful, bright and can be paired with any accessory for a little dazzle! Better yet, this midi A-line dress is also sustainable, treated with bio-softeners from plant-based oils through a manufacturing process that ensures a lower carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions.



Edgey pieces

For a mix of cool, edgy, trendy yet modest – you can turn to this long-sleeved, printed tunic with a tie-up belt. Nothing quite like a unique and bold print to bring out the exciting side of your style, instantly.



Printed maxi dresses

Dresses will continue to be the perfect way to celebrate this Holy Month and finding a dress to suit the occasion. For a delicately elegant spin on the usual dresses, this maxi A-line dress with tie-ups is undoubtedly going to contribute to the festive atmosphere. Its colourful, classy and sustainable, made with a fibre that is 100% biodegradable.