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Every true-blue denim lover knows that your shopping is incomplete without a little denim update. After all, there is no such thing as too much denim. While flowy kaftans and dresses are sure to add sparkle to your suhoor and iftar dressing, if denim is where your heart is at— these blingy, jazzy, and cozy denim styles are just for ones you need in your wardrobe.


Bringing you new shapes, new colors, and timeless silhouettes – your trusted blues get a cool-kid makeover in this Ramadan collection. From the office to iftars to transitioning back to regular work hours—meet your new favorites in the list below!


Head-To-Toe Bling

A little bling goes a long way when you want to elevate your denim look this Ramadan. The sequins and beads keep you looking effortlessly stylish even when you step out to run errands. The best part? Don’t leave these beauties only to your celebrations, for we see them making their way to being your party bestie for a long time to come. 


Pretty Bleach

With a fresh icy-blue wash that is perfect for warmer days, these versatile essentials are a timeless look that can add a stylish edge to your Ramadan day wear. Shop the look in skirts, jackets, tops, and jeans at Splash.


White Sands

Want to wear denim to iftars? Enter the white and ecru denim. In subtle shades of white, ivory, and grey— these smart-casual numbers keep you sophisticated and season-ready. The relaxed silhouette makes them perfect for intimate gatherings with friends and family. Want to jazz up the look? Throw on a jacket, and you are ready to go!


In Technicolor

Just blue denim? So passe’. Welcome color into your wardrobe and festivities with comfy denim in all shades imaginable. Lilac, salmon, citrus, or pink? There is no picking one color from the list.


Smart Dressing

When denim undergoes an update at Splash, we go big! That’s why we didn’t limit our festive denim edit to bottom wear. From long shirts to vests to casual blouses— there are plenty of elegant denim pieces in the collection to make your Ramadan wardrobe aspirations come true.


Y2K Denim

This is the cool-kid edition. Mini-length, low-rise, iced-out washes, blingy things, and puddle flares— find them all at Splash. Whether you want a fit that will impress your collage mates or want to keep up with the trends, get your dose of denim with these swanky silhouettes.


Vintage Sensations

Hey rockstar! Brighten your day with a little vintage flair. Be it casual Friday or a quick iftar stop after work—these archival pieces are sure to grab eyeballs. Go brave with the flare and accessorize with a pair of sunnies, and you are ready for a memorable day.