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In love with fashion? Tips how to make your loved clothes last

This past month at Splash we focused on communicating our long-ago established phrase “In love with fashion”, which actually goes far beyond celebrating style and design. In fact, our love for fashion also implies that we keep pushing our efforts to create a sustainable future for fashion with minimal to no harm to our beautiful planet. 


At Splash, we always encourage you to join us in this sustainable journey by reconsidering your “fast fashion” habits and valuing your clothes by giving it the care it deserves. So, to all our fashion lovers, check out another set of tips from us on how to make your loved clothes last to keep them away from toxic landfills. 


1. Get into the idea of “quick fixing.”


No matter how good the quality of clothes, we get clumsy, leaving us with difficult stains and rips that sometimes seem impossible to fix. But that’s not true. With a little effort and research (tutorials, local tailors, etc.), we can slow down the cycle of buying and disposal. 


2. Visible fixing (mending)


This process refers to repairing your clothes, be it holes, stains, or other wear signs, in a visible manner. You may think that it’s easier to just throw it away, but instead of contributing to more waste, you can spark your inner creativity and learn how to embrace the flaws. 


3. Repurposing your clothes


Indeed, not all clothes can be saved in their current form, but that just opens more room to start thinking outside the box and give your garment a second life in your closet. The term “upcycling” means creating something new from used clothes (accessories, shoes, you name it!)  


In love with fashion?


Then love the planet too.