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How to Beautifully Incorporate Nature into Your Home?

We are all humans before anything else and that’s why nature can have a wonderful impact on us, both spiritually and physically.

Nature is a huge source of inspiration for people because every time we connect with it, we are reminded of who we really are and what is truly important in life. Did you know that nature can naturally:

  • make us feel more positive emotionally,
  • boost our immune system,
  • lower our blood pressure,
  • reduce the stress and anxiety in our lives,
  • speed up our illness/injury recovery process,
  • and even make our sleep better?

And that’s why visiting green spaces has such a “calming” magical effect on us and adding these health benefits into our daily lives can be a real gamechanger whilst staying home!

So, let’s figure out some ways we can add nature’s elements into our lives and bridge that separation from the natural world.

1. Decorate your house with plants

Add greenery to your house, or you can have plants that are purifying air at your home. Just be mindful of what types of plants you choose and how you take care of them.

2. Not a fan of plants? Then decorate your home with paintings/photos of nature

With this one you can get as crazy as you like! Looking at scenes of nature within the comfort of your own home can reduce anger and help you distract from your busy day.

3. Enjoy cooking? How about making an indoor mini herb garden?

Not only this can be a perfect way to add greenery to your home, but also you can have fresh herbs that will keep you healthy and make your meals even tastier!

4. Use natural wooden furniture to relax on

Wood is durable, recyclable, and a recoverable material. In its natural form it can give you the atmosphere of nature and add an artistic appeal to your home.

5. Hot summer ahead? Try hanging Eucalyptus next to your showerhead to change your shower game

Apart from making your shower feel like a whole spa experience, this humble plant is also known for its health benefits like relief of respiratory symptoms and common cold (But be mindful to keep it out of any pets and close your shower door to keep it fresh for longer).

Try out one or two of these tips and start enjoying nature’s benefits within the comfort of your home!

Love the Planet.

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