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The Splash Basic Collection

Everyday, basic fashion has now been under the limelight for quite some time, given the sudden shift in all our lives. This transformation has changed how we interact and perceive our closets and outfits, so a basic collection is right on time! The collection brings to the table bright colours, positivity and the love for our planet – with 100% sustainable fabrics, materials and finishes, all in one!


Let us discover the collection, the pieces and how these essentials play such an important role in our lives.


Make way for pastels


Whether you’re planning on dressing up or down, staying home or heading out for a quick minute – pastels won’t do you wrong! Loungewear has made a serious comeback and adding sustainability into the equation is quite the cherry on top. With a three in one finish; colour last, anti-bacterial and cool it qualities, the tees from the basic collection focuses on sustainability and durability.


Men, this is your chance to explore pastels all you want!



Easy style!


While at home, the amount of time you invest in picking an outfit is definitely going to be much less than usual – but this does not mean you must lose style! If you have a zoom presentation coming up, this beautiful and bright yellow top is ideal, and you’re likely to hold everyone’s attention. These pieces are made with entirely sustainable materials and let’s be real, a pop of colour is always appreciated!



Simple yet sustainable


2021 is going to see a change in fashion trends, and you can be a part of it! Not only are these pieces great for everyday wear that’ll make you look good – these pieces are also great for the planet. Made using high proportions of sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as BCI certified cotton, FSC certified rayon and other sustainable materials, your outfit is bound to be extra special. Minimal and chic is the way to go!



Comfort is key


As we refocus our wardrobes to match the current times, there’s nothing quite as comfy as cotton! Take a quick look at this solid blue, long-sleeved tee and the level of comfort (advance comfort with its 3 in 1 finish), the tee exudes just by looking at it. This addition to your wardrobe is planet friendly, easy to dress up or down - you do not have to change out of this tee for that business meeting, you’re all set!



It’s all in the sleeves!

Sleeves are sure to have to their moment in 2021! Balloon and bell sleeves add great flair to any top without compromising comfort and elevating style. In addition to this, the fabrics used in this collection are 100% sustainable! To the girls that prefer modest fashion, this is where you can get creative as unique sleeves can reflect your true personality and give you a confidence boost!