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As the Ramadan moon ushers a season of festivities, iftars and spiritual pursuit, Splash marks the beginning of the celebrations with a collection of stunning dresses.


Set against the backdrop of a glorious colour palette, the collections pay homage to the nurturing, all-encompassing kindness and beauty of the deserts. Our soul, our muse, our home – the desert represents the boundless wisdom of our ancestors, the glory of our culture and the grace of our tradition.


Long, tiered, flowy and beguiling; a dress is often a sentimental piece that is special to every woman. Reimaging the gems of the desert— from oasis to blooms to sandscapes— this festive edit of dresses exudes femininity with magnificent silhouettes.


Distinctively curated to appeal to the modern woman who has global sensibilities, yet is firmly rooted in her culture, the dress festival is a celebration of self-expression, elegance, and freedom.


What better way to welcome the holy month than by debuting amazing dresses that bring to life the beauty and spirit of the land that we belong to!


Desert Rose


With breathtaking panoramic views of the endless desert, speckled with vibrant fuchsia blooms and green pastures, the desert rose collection harbours the message – ‘to bloom where you are planted’. Cheerful with patterns of flowers and abstracts, the collection mirrors the beauty of shifting dunes and breezy winds that soothe the soul.


A pick to complement the festivities, each dress embodies a flattering silhouette that prefects the balance between tailored and flowy. With gorgeous hemlines, intricate embroidery, and statement sleeves – here is to living life La vie en rose!


Desert Gems


Rubies, sapphires and pearls of wisdom – the treasures of the desert unravel in this collection. Each look, a story from our glorious land, is inspired by the precious gems that embellish our splendid history. Like the crimson red sun that dips into a deep blue sea, the dresses in the collection elevate the beauty of the land in floral prints, masterly patterns, deft detailing and a kaftan-esque aesthetic.


A tribute to the seafarers, Bedouins and Arabian pearl traders – the sea, sand and sun come alive in this collection to dress you in the colours that honour the spiritual essence of this festive season.