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A greener future in the bag!

At Splash, sustainability and business go hand in hand; we are constantly making positive shifts towards ensuring that our clothes and processes remain environment-friendly and contribute towards minimizing our carbon footprints. To further bolster our sustainability efforts, we have replaced polybags used in our packaging with specially designed biobased compostable bags.


Although polybags do a great job of preserving our clothes and ensuring their longevity, they do the opposite to our environment. Plastic waste entering our oceans at an unprecedented rate has reached over 8 million metric tons per year, choking our planet. These plastics add greatly to the deep-sea debris and take thousands of years to decompose.


Sadly, the fashion industry alone generates a significant amount of these single-use plastic packaging. That is why we have decided to be part of the solution and not the problem, with our innovative alternative to single-use plastic packaging.


“Plastic Pollution a 400-year Problem? Well, it’s never too late to fix, there is always hope”


So, what do these biodegradable bags mean to the environment? By replacing our yearly use of 80 million plastic bags with biobased compostable bags, Splash would be able to reduce the total material carbon footprint by approximately 300 tons per year!

What’s more astounding is that these bio-based bags are made from corn starch, which disintegrates in just 180 days. Unlike plastic bags which do not decompose and contaminate air, water, and soil, and become hazardous to animals, these biodegradable bags at the end of their lifecycle gets converted into manure and acts as a soil conditioner. This way, we ensure that the plastics do not enter the landfills or the oceans and a closed-loop system is created – where the maximum usability of the bags is realized and are then responsibly disposed of, without polluting and harming the environment.


This eco-friendly product uses 65% less energy to produce, releases 68% less greenhouse gas, and returns to nature after use.


As an eco-conscious brand, Splash has decided to fast track our efforts to a greener future. Our 360-degree approach to sustainability, beyond recycle, reuse, and reduce calls to re-invent and re-design to ensure that fashion continues to be frontrunners of positive actions.

Now is the time to protect our environment by embracing closed-loop, zero-waste solutions. So, on your next shopping trip, make a 360-degree conscious decision to self-express with fashion while saving the planet!


“Let’s not wait for fishless oceans, rather work together to fast-track sustainability.”