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New World Crew: Fashion on a Mission

It is a brand new world. The possibility of the future is only limited by our imagination. Maybe, you are on the cusp of entering the Metaverse; or standing tall on the launch pad of an intergalactic voyage— Whatever the case be, we at Splash have the perfect collection to suit up our crew. 


Inspired from the gaming universe, New World Crew is a curated collection of futuristic streetwear that aims to infuse a superior sense of design and comfort. Think space art, avant-garde, high-tech silhouettes, this collection elevates streetwear to astronomical heights with admirable style. 

The image of a gamer in unflattering clothes is passé – today, the streamers are the mainstreamers. New World Crew ticks to the dictates of their style, encapsulating the perfect balance between relaxed and refined. Featuring contemporary pieces like hoodies, Bomber jackets, Joggers, and tees, the sophisticated aesthetic of the collection will keep you looking stylish, always!

Whether you are lounging on your gaming chair, winning an esports tournamentor just making a quick coffee run, every fit of this gamer-approved collection screams ‘streetwear is back'. With futuristic space age art, primed typography and smart tailoring, New World Crew is all about recharging your closet with fashion that is as distinct and unique as you. 



Widening Design Horizons

Beckoning the spirit and culture of this digitally-(em)powered generation with vivid monochromes and neutral tones, the collection features lively pops of orange — burning bright like a fiery sun. Transporting you to a galactic Martian terrain, the fashion pieces ascertain that you are ‘one of a kind’ with their bold graphics and typography. 


Sustainability is the name of the game 

At Splash, sustainability isn’t a buzzword; it is a way of life. Even while dreaming about whizzing through galaxies, our heart belongs to the earth. We understand that sustainability is mission critical for you, as it is for us, and the collection emphasizes on using sustainable materials that are good for the planet. From using sustainably sourced cotton to pursuing superior quality that ensures extended life of the clothes — the collection champions the aspirations and ideologies of a sustainable and fashionable future. 


Coalescing ingenuity with utility 

If a prim white look that strongly resembles an aeronautical uniform doesn’t get your heart pumping enough, we got one word for you: pockets. Lots of pockets. Designed with new-age utilities, the collection is not just uber fashionable, it is also functional and practical.  


The future is now 

Tech meets fashion in New World Crew. The collection features a technical material called mesh, which allows unbridled comfort and movement. Like the bright orange in the collection’s palette, which symbolizes hope – our New World Crew are audacious in their pursuit of fashion that is sustainable, futuristic, and inventive.


New World Crew is beyond just living out your identity; it is about celebrating it. It is limitless. It is powerful. It is your legacy. It is the future. It is you. All you have to do now is press play.