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Experiment with your Denim this Season!

The recent Splash sustainability campaign that was released on our IGTV in summer 2020 focused on translating a meaningful message behind sustainable fashion philosophy. Indeed, one essential part revolves around developing ethical material sourcing and practicing eco-friendly production methods, but there is more to that. For many years Splash has been promoting love for fashion and not merely clothes, which means that we should respect where style comes from and value the hard work that goes into both the thinking and the making of clothing. Hence, we should take better care of it, buy quality and not quantity, and reduce the waste from our impulse shopping habits.

One unique way of looking at sustainable fashion creatively is reconsidering the clothes that’s already in your closet through giving it a personal touch. Our Splash stores in the Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Centre can help you out if you got denim that needs new life painted into it. You can bring your own image or use our in-store samples as your inspiration, be as creative as you want! If you don’t have anything suitable in your wardrobe, then you can check out our eco-denim collection, from jeans to jackets, dresses and more!