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Plus Size Fashion

The fashion industry has gone through a number of shifts in the recent past, making it more inclusive and accepting. High street fashion retailers, the likes of Splash Fashions, have introduced collections consisting of inclusive sizing, for both men and women!


This is a step in the right direction for many brands, by being a truly inclusive and making it a company philosophy.



You are what you wear!


Plus-size fashion brings a new horizon in high fashion! While creating clothes for all sizes is important, inclusion must also focus on providing everyone with quality clothing together with an array of styles, functionality, comfort and fabrics. The spring collection by Splash is all about ensuring everyone, regardless of size, is given the same amount of fashion choices and opportunity. Tropical foliage prints, animal prints, textured knits to every colour imaginable – no one has to compromise when it comes to fashion!


For every occasion


When it comes to plus-sized fashion, it is of the essence to ensure that the wearer feels connected to their outfit, in turn, with who they are. By being more responsive to consumer realities, a brand is one step closer to being well-rounded. Splash introduced a plus-size activewear range, with comfort being the key factor. From a range of printed leggings, hoodies, tees and tops – you can make the most out of your next gym or yoga class!


The line also has every day clothing options, from simple block-coloured pieces to textured fabrics that will help you stand out and stay confident.


It’s time to burst your spring wardrobe woes with this all-new, all inclusive and fun line of clothing!