The 2015 Splash Calendar

Posted On07 Jan 2015

This year Splash takes you on a celestial journey unveiling its 2015 Fashion calendar. After the long wait, the Splash Calendar was officially launched on the 19th of December by the CEO Raza Beig and the beautiful Esha Gupta among a crowd of enthusiastic guests, presenting 12 zodiac signs in ultimate fashion, style and art.


Shot creatively through the fashion lens of Tejal Patni and the wardrobe and styling of Furne One @ Amato, the Calendar explores the dominant characteristics associated with each zodiac sign. It tastefully blends styles and silhouettes, timeless fabrics and design aesthetics with a fashion editorial eye to visually express the signs. The Calendar is inspired by the brand’s philosophy of ‘In Love with Fashion’ making you experience fashion at a different level. 

We love the pop of colors and the dramatic flair that is portrayed in the story of each month. With prints ranging from polka dots to monochrome, we’ve got it all covered and each image in the calendar will take you to a different time and setting that will evoke a broad range of expressions and emotions in you.


The calendar was unveiled in a special evening at the gorgeous Palace Hotel in Downtown Dubai exposing the beautiful skyline of Dubai and set amidst the backdrop of the dancing fountains and the iconic Burj Khalifa. The crowd eagerly awaited the launch while enjoying the pleasant view, delicious food and tasteful music.


Here’s a little sneak peek of what you can expect from the fashionable calendar. We’ve picked our favorites, starting with the Capricorn which is presented in a very majestic, grand and dramatic setting representing the Folklore trend. On the other hand, the Taurus appears in a classic yet dramatic setting showcasing the trend Art Deco. As for the Libra, it is presented in a classic Polka trend like the 70’s. And finally, the Sagittarius is presented in a dark and trendy visual highlighting the evergreen Military trend. The limited edition calendar is magical, colorful and personal. So don't miss it and check it out for yourself for an experience that will make you fall in love with fashion, again.


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