Posted On06 Oct 2016

In between those in-between seasons, you need a look that will kick your style up a notch. With the perfect blend of chic and comfort, you’ll be utterly spoilt by our Autumn/Winter 2016 collection.

Let’s start with the girls
It’s time to give your style a Splash of colour; from sultry crimson couture to Atlantic deep blues, a world of excitement is resting on a rack near you!

For our style statement fashion queens, our Artisan collection is exactly what you need! Rich with rustic, natural and hand embroidered detailing, these looks will accentuate your body shape and leave you with a gorgeous silhouette – must haves for those love to have it all!



It’s time to get in touch with the rock & roll rebel inside all of you. Our Grunge collection just got undeniably glamorous! These pieces will have you rocking the mosh-pit and owning the runway to boot! Studs, trims, coated fabrics and sequins - the ingredients for any perfect rock style.



Looking for a softer touch to complete your look? Our Romantic is deal for those who love a more delicate and feminine allure, these ethereal cuts guarantee a stunning silhouette.



For our more modern inspired Splash-inistas, our Contemporary collection is where you need to be looking. Less is more and these pieces prove it! Find your fashion fix with chic color blocking and clean wrap detailing. Set for comfort and glamour alike, you’ll be the envy of the crowd in these pieces.



Who can forget about the boys!
Are you looking for a blast from the past to modernise your look? Then look no further my friend because we have it all.

Our first men’s collection is Bespoke Tech. Achieve a dapper, suited-and-booted finish without compromising on comfort. Made from soft and flexible fabrics, these designs will leave you ready and willing to take on the world. Mono-chrome patterns and tonal contrasts define this look and will define your style along with it.


It’s time to add some country flare to the Middle-East scene! Our Future Folklore collection offers a refreshing take on modern men’s fashion. Playing on traditional country influences with contemporary and fashion-forward cuts, these pieces guarantee a truly stand out style.


Feel like shaking things up a little? Then our Grunge Core collection will have you mixed and ready to mingle. Inspired by the alternative urban scene, these pieces work earthy muted tones and dramatic knits. When it comes to being fashion forward, you don’t get much further than this!

Understated can make a loud fashion statement. Our Minimal Military collection focuses on pared-back styling infused with a sporty twist. Rich with urban shades of olive and indigo, these looks guarantee a polished and masculine aesthetic that are as flexible as they are comfortable.


All in all…
It’s going to be a huge season for Splash Fashions! We’re excited to see how you guys mix and match these looks to create your own signature styles. So before you plan your next big night, make a little trip down fashion lane and set yourself up with the latest looks. Have a great Autumn/Winter and we hope to see you soon!