Bring out the superhero in you

Posted On04 Jul 2012

We’ve all done it – ran around the house pretending to be our favourite superheroes, catching baddies with our special powers. Or maybe as a kid you loved the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Road Runner, with their crazy cartoon capers.


Well, now you can wear t-shirts featuring your favourite superheroes and Looney Tunes cartoon characters with pride, because Splash is launching a fun, new, Warner Bros. collection, with 12 different styles.


Warner Bros Tshirts


The men’s collection features favourites like Batman and Superman, flying by to make an appearance on the front of black, grey and white tees. The women’s collection tunes into Looney Tunes’ fun and colourful nature, with Tweety and friends all making appearances.


The men’s t-shirts are available for 60 AED, with the women’s tees priced at 70 AED. Make a splash and show the world your fun, young at heart personality, with this cool collection of Warner Bros. t-shirts.