Brunch, Dubai Culture?

Posted On26 Feb 2014

Brunch may have been invented in the United States but Dubai has taken brunch to a whole other level so much that it has now become Dubai’s weekend institution.


Forget about the genteel image of eggs, coffee, sausages and baked beans on toast. Brunch in Dubai is all about extending the glamorous lifestyle to food. We’re talking weekend flown in chefs, the best of the best in gastronomic cuisine, delicacies like escargot and foie gras washed down with flutes of Moët & Chandon sparkling rosé for a price that’s worth two months of your grocery shopping bills.


Then again, you have to adapt to culture don’t you? Let’s face it everyone works post their contract time and all everyone wants to do is glam up and indulge in a bit of luxury even when it comes to food over the weekend and that what the Brunch image is all about.


There’s not a single restaurant or hotel that doesn’t offer weekend brunch specials; each trying to outdo the other in terms of menu, price & atmosphere. We’ve come to find that the Dubai brunch scene is definitely not for the faint of heart. We’ve all come to the point of having to decline brunch invites over the weekend because we’ve been invited to too many. The options are endless and how much can you eat anyway? But it’s not about the eating anyway it is? It’s more about the free flowing alcohol throughout the day.


The concept has become so popular with the in crowd that now they’re late brunches too which means that you have plenty of time to battle the Thursday hangover, look presentable an show up for brunch at 6am onward which leaves you with plenty time to gulp down all you can before hitting the hottest party in town.


So where’s the next place you’re hitting up for brunch?