Celebrity Fashion Face-off: Kim Kardashian vs. Jennifer Lopez

Posted On05 Dec 2012

This is a tough call because we love KK’s and Jenny’s look – and they’re both so different. Each has their own way of choosing great colours, outfits and hairstyles that come together to make them perfect fashionistas!

The fabulous Kim K, on the left, is known for her huge love of blazers. She’s constantly matching them in different styles and colors to add a sophisticated touch. Beautiful in black from head to toe, Kim was smart to pick a stylish piece with a vibrant contrast. The aqua blue blazer over her full black look makes it stand out with an on-trend tone.


J.Lo, on the other hand, loves to show off her gorgeous figure, but who wouldn’t if they had curves like hers? Her style usually involves body-hugging dresses like the one she’s wearing in the picture on the right  – and this one has subtle vertical stripes for a leaner look. J.Lo’s signature tan and striking caramel hair goes great with autumn colours like the dark peach and grey tones she’s wearing. All we have left to say is: wow, she rocks this dress.


If you were invited to a Friday brunch with friends, which look would you choose?