5 Morning Energy Booster

Posted On12 Dec 2013

Do you feel exhausted before the end of the day and feel the need to drain the coffee pot? Caffeine, sugar and nicotine keep us running, but they do so at a high cost, and for only so long. These temporary lifts will always leave us depleted.


Try out these energy boosters instead that will give your body enough energy to survive the day.



Not only does it have twice the potassium of a banana and twice the vitamin C of an orange, a kiwi also has 2.5 grams of fiber, which keeps you full and prevents energy lows when you’re hungry. The simple sugars will quickly give you a rush of energy, and the fiber will keep you satiated. 


Try for two kiwi a day, which adds up to only 100 calories and all the energy you’ll need to get through those long meetings. 


Cold Water

Chugging ice cold water helps your heart pump stronger, boosting blood flow to your brain. Another benefit: Drinking water revives shriveled cells after hours of sleep-induced dehydration, which is known to cause tiredness.



Make it part of your morning routine. In the warmer months you might want to engage in outdoor activities such as a walking or biking to shake off AM sluggishness. If you’re stuck in the house because of inclement weather, stretches followed with a few modified push-ups will get your blood pumping.


Hearty Breakfasts

No skipping! Make sure you wake early enough to enjoy a healthy and warm breakfast. Oatmeal is an ideal choice because it kicks your metabolism into full gear. On the other hand, avoid sugary processed cereals that can offer a quick pick-me-up but an energy crash by mid-morning.


Green Tea

Substitute coffee for green tea. Green tea, however, has just enough caffeine to boost production of the hormone adrenocorticotropin, which triggers the release of cortisol. It also contains EGCG, a flavonoid that promotes focus and calmness.