5 Must-Have Fashion Essentials

Posted On11 Aug 2014

There’s one thing you’ll agree with, a woman’s wardrobe is like a treasure chest that holds her favorite timeless pieces. We’ve put together a list of the 5 timeless essentials that every woman should own


1) The Lace Shrug Jacket

The most essential formal fashion item is – without a doubt – an elegant jacket. Today, there is a variety of jacket designs, colors, and materials. But our favorite 2014 design is the lace, white shrug jacket.

Worn by superstar Demi Lovato, this jacket gives you the option to go for complementary semi-formal items such as black denim jeans and a simple cotton shirt. By adding black and white high heels, your outfit will be complete, trendy, and also chic.


2) Pleated Blouse

The pleated blouse is a classic, yet very trendy must-have item. It combines elegance with comfort and can be coupled with a variety of clothing items ranging from formal pencil skirts to casual jeans.

Singer Selena Gomez was seen wearing a beautiful pleated blouse earlier this year and she paired it with a black denim skirt and boots, creating a casual-chic look that successfully grabbed attention and admiration.


3) High-Waist Peplum Skirt

The peplum skirt can be considered a fashionable upgrade of the classic pencil skirt. It flatters a variety of figures and definitely adds a wow factor to the whole outfit.

Many superstars have rocked the peplum skirt, but our favorite is the beautiful Taylor Momsen who coupled the skirt with a simple cut shirt, black heels and a matching leather bag. Her choice of accessories also helped show her unique fashion sense, establishing a fashionable look that many would love to acquire.


4) A Simple, White T-Shirt

On its own, a simple, white t-shirt might not grab attention. But add some other colorful fashion items, and you’ll have an outfit that’s screams ‘unique’. The options are endless with white shirts; you can couple them with jeans and some colorful heels, or you can go for a more casual look and choose print shorts and sneakers or flats with matching handbags.

Fashionable superstar Jessie J has added her own touch to the white t-shirt trend by adding neon pink shorts and lace flats. She also chose a statement t-shirt to add her own humorous, fun touch and we absolutely love it!


5) Ice-Wash Jeans

Jeans are the most synonymic fashion item with essentiality. A woman’s wardrobe can never be complete without them. One awesome thing about the current trend is that jeans can be paired with casual shirts and formal blouses to create outfits suitable for a variety of occasions.

One of our favorite jeans outfits is the one that superstar Zendaya recently rocked. She chose to add an edgy twist with color-block wedge sneakers and a simple, black sweater – a pairing that, in our opinion, couldn’t have been more elegant.

What’s your fashion essential?

(Images Courtesy: Stealherstyle.com and Splashfashions.com)