Beauty Mistakes Revealed!

Posted On31 Jul 2014

Many women feel so much more confident after their make-up rituals however, there are some very common mistakes that women unknowingly make causing more harm than good to their skin.


1) Slathering chemicals on your skin

Subjecting your skin to harmful chemicals can be just as dangerous as putting them in your mouth. Our skin absorbs any chemicals we put on it, so ensuring the cleanliness of your makeup and skincare products is of optimum importance. Always, check the labels to ensure that your products are phthalate and paraben- free to guarantee damage prevention.


2) Forgetting to clean your makeup brushes

Not cleaning your makeup brushes can lead to the accumulation of oil and grime, leading to clogged pores. So, make sure to clean you brushes at least once a week by using a few drops of shampoo, rinse thoroughly, and then lay them flat on a paper towel to dry, and they’ll be perfectly safe to use.


3) Wearing shimmer on your eyes

While shimmery eye shadows are believed to instantly make you look glamorous and brighten your eyes, they can actually enhance wrinkles on the long term. So, you can also use a colorful eye shadow to apply on the crease of your eye to create an illusion of receding eyelids that create a more wide-awake look. Also, go for matte colored products and use a base color that covers your entire lid to will help brighten your eyes.


4) Over-washing your face

Contrary to popular belief, washing your face twice a day as many women do does more harm than good to you skin. It strips it off skin moisture that is necessary for maintaining overall skin health and youthfulness.

So, you can easily overcome that by washing your face at night and removing eye makeup by gently swiping a soft cotton pad over the eye area. By sleeping with makeup-less, clean skin, you will not need to wash your face in the morning.


5) Forgoing a topcoat

Who hasn’t been through the frustration of having nail polish chip just a few days after spending so much time applying it? Well, it turns out the solution for that is quite simple!

Just invest in a strong topcoat and apply it daily to ensure that the color is sealed and that your nails look shiny and flawless. 

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