Being Salman - Being Human

Posted On07 Jun 2012

Salman Khan

Salman Khan, a true cinematic and cultural icon, is one of the few people who are loved and supported across generations and across masses and classes. He is also a man who supports the cause of philanthropy without expectations. Over the years he has gained the reputation of being a great friend and a good human being.


A few years back, Salman envisioned a foundation that would support the underprivileged; he created Being Human, a lifestyle brand at the front and a registered charitable trust at the back. All royalties go to support the twin causes of education and healthcare for the needy.


Being Human is an integral part of Salman’s life. He is personally involved in building the brand and extending it to a collection that is hip, cool and funky – and one where the message stands out loud and clear. In Salman’s own words, wearing Being Human means you “look good, do good” because you help people by the simple act of slipping on your clothes every day.


Salman’s passion and love for the brand ensures that he not only wears the product, but also signs off every style, which guarantees his connection with the customer and the product.


His gentle nature has always been recognized by one and all, but I believe that by establishing this foundation and the brand, Salman has made himself immortal. With Being Human merchandise receiving support all across, Salman has further ventured into Being Human Art, which is yet again an extension of his personality and skills.


I strongly believe that the best way to raise awareness of the cause is by wearing the brand. Affordable yet making a definite style statement like all Splash clothing, the Being Human collection, which includes tees, shirts, cargos, etc., will give you a chance to contribute to the Being Human Foundation. He has created one of the few initiatives that beautifully combine fashion and charity.


All you fashion-savvy people, get ready to rock the collection and support the cause in style.


May God bless Salman and all of you who support his efforts.


Love and regards

Raza Beig