Most trending lip colors of the season

Posted on28 Dec 2014
We all know the killer charm that makeup adds to a woman, moreover, the effect of lipstick alone as a determining factor of a woman’s look. Winter is the ultimate time to go for vibrant color lipstick, striking make-up and bold statements. Discover the most trending colors this Fall, from burgundy and striking plum color, to classical cherry red and nude pink-beige. ...

Tips for the ultimate holiday shopping

Posted on28 Dec 2014
As we approach the holiday season, the shopping activity is at its peak too.  One goal that most of us have in common is to not wait until the last minute to do our holiday shopping! The last thing we want is a stressful and nerve-racking shopping experience. Don’t worry! Check out these tips for the perfect holiday shopping.     ...

Floral prints in winter

Posted on11 Dec 2014
Floral prints are known to be a hot summer trend, but it just seems that they’ve gotten their way into our closets in all seasons!  What's a better way to brighten your outfit this winter for a refreshing look than with a hint of floral prints? You don't have to commit to one color, this way you will ensure getting the right mix of colors for a  stylish look. You...

Winter Boot Styles

Posted on07 Dec 2014
From fur to leather, heels to flats and ankle length to knee length, it's all in the way you dress up this winter! Boots are ultimate winter essentials that take your outfit from nay to yay within a few seconds. Check out these 4 different styles that you might want to embrace this season.   Ankle Boots ...

Denim on Denim

Posted on07 Dec 2014
Back in the 90s', denim wasn't a very popular fashion trend, but as we all know, fashion rules are made to be broken. Today, denim  has  definitely become a fashion essential  for everyone irrespective of  age and style. And with a countless variety of styling possibilities available, everyone is assured to fall in love with denim. This week we'll ta...

Co-ords – Matching outfits

Posted on24 Nov 2014
Matching head to toe prints may seem too plain & boring, but no doubt they are actually one of the hottest fashion trends today! From bright prints to lace, floral details to mesh and more, mastering the right co-ordinates is your key to a bold and daring look. Pick your perfect combo with the right styled accessories for a nice finishing and you will absolutely  ha...

Essential Winter Accessories For The Ultimate Outfit

Posted on24 Nov 2014
Just because the weather is chilly doesn't mean you have to go all out of style.Layering is one of the best characteristics of winter outfits and it gives you the ability to effortlessly get a flawless look! Here are a few essential fashion accessories that can take your outfit from nay to yay. Scarves ...
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Studio Collection photoshoot

Posted on17 Nov 2014
As we celebrate 21 years ‘In Love with Fashion’, and with 21 being an age of symbollic change and a beginning of a new chapter, we've unveiled a special line titled ‘Studio Collection’ on this special occasion. The exlusive Fall Winter line-up is a reflection of the season’s hottest trends interpreted the Splash way and showcased in several themes. We had...
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