Into The Blue

Posted On05 Jun 2013

Summer has officially started and as the temperature goes high we tend sacrifice style with comfort. But with the right fit and materials you can stay cool and stylish during this steaming season!

If you want to feel cool and comfortable during this season, try to counter the heat by wearing light colored clothes. I know guys tend to choose dark colored clothes but try to make an excuse this season since light colored clothes reflects lights and doesn’t absorb much sunlight as dark colored clothes does. Use clothes that give your body enough air to breathe such as cotton fabrics, which is the number one choice of fabric especially during this season.

Keep the layers of your clothes as minimum as possible. Its okay to protect your skin from the sun by wearing long sleeves shirts but always make sure that you’re comfortable and you won’t feel sticky and dehydrated 10 minutes after you went out of your place.  Be a little more creative and try something new, summer is a season of easy to follow trends so don’t be afraid, this is the season to have fun!


This look is also featured in the May 16-22 issue of Abu Dhabi Week. Find out the inspiration behind the look in this link:


The complete details about the shirt on the link below:


Stay tuned for more winning- HYPE worthy clothes from Splash which I will feature for all you Splash fans (just like me!!!) out there!















Always have fun!


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Photos credits to Rodel Munar, Street Style photographer of OSAD, check out this site for more style and fashion on the streets of Abu Dhabi