Celebrity fashion trends

Posted On30 May 2012

Jessica AlbaWe all know her, she’s one of the top Hollywood fashionistas making headlines with her refined look and unique taste in fashion. If you can’t be Jessica Alba, then you can at least have her look.


She knows how to enjoy the summer sunshine with a colorful pastel look which is just in for this season — mixing and matching candy coral jeans with an aqua top, and of course topping it off with sugary bright aqua shades.


This look would be perfect for daywear if you’re going for a brunch with friends or just a casual walk in the mall. When it comes to blazers, go for something colourful like a bright pink or yellow, but try to stay away from dark ones as they can sometimes totally ruin your summer look.


Be a star and express yourself with pastel colors to enjoy the summer fun. You’re just a few steps away from that Hollywood look, so rush to the nearest Splash store and get your pastel look.