Celebrity makeup artists reveal all!

Posted On06 Jul 2014

Makeup is a woman’s best friend. It can help her feel more confident, beautiful, and glamorous!

To superstars and fashion icons, makeup is a crucial ingredient for their look. So, if you’re wondering how stars do it, look no further because we will introduce you to the best makeup tricks revealed by makeup artists behind celebrities’ glam looks!


The artist: Anastasia Soare

You want bright-colored eyes without looking tacky.

The tip: “Skip the bright eyeshadow and opt for eyeliner instead. For most people, I would recommend to avoid bright neon pops of color on the eyes and favor the earthen tones because, quite frankly, very few people over the age of 21 look good with clown-colored eyelids. Add color burst with liner instead."


The artist: Melanie Mills

Dry lips leading to poor lip-color application.

The tip: “Brush them with a toothbrush once or twice a week, then follow up with lip color. It's also really nice to apply pure lanolin to lips after brushing teeth and before bed. Such a great conditioner."


The artist: Susan Heydt

Patchy foundation application is getting you down.

The tip: “Always start with a primer. I love to start with clean skin and add a primer," Heydt says. "Your fine lines and imperfections are filled to provide a nice surface with or without adding makeup."


The artist: Susan Giordano

You're not sure which mascara to choose.

The tip: “When in doubt, go black. Black mascara works on everyone," Giordano says. "For fair blondes, it might be the only eye makeup you'll need. The whole point of mascara is to enhance the shape of the eye and define your lashes, so it needs to be visible."


The artist: Julianne Kaye

You're not sure how to use concealer.

The tip: “Use it after applying foundation, not before. Concealers tend to have a heavy consistency, so it's important to apply it after you've applied your foundation, which many people do not do," Kaye says. "You'll find that your base makeup will generally take care of most of your concerns, so concealer is just that added insurance."

So, now that you know some of the biggest makeup secrets in the world of celebrities, you can now rock the perfect look with flawless makeup!

Which trick will you try first?