Denim on Denim

Posted On07 Dec 2014

Back in the 90s', denim wasn't a very popular fashion trend, but as we all know, fashion rules are made to be broken. Today, denim  has  definitely become a fashion essential  for everyone irrespective of  age and style. And with a countless variety of styling possibilities available, everyone is assured to fall in love with denim. This week we'll take you through how to get a perfectly stylish denim on denim look. Check out these celebrity inspired looks and pass by our stores to find similar styles.

Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, or Kirsten dunst? Which denim on denim outfit caught your attention first?

Jennifer Lopez seems to keep it basic by pairing a button-up denim shirt with a pair of dark skinny jeans. She adds to that a spark of elegance with a classy pair of beige heels, a casual yet chic hat and a bold lipshade. The result is simply charming.

Rihanna goes for a similar look but chooses to pair her light colored denim skirt with a similar color buttoned denim shirt. However, she chose a black leather hat and chic beige heels to complete her outfit and change it from a sporty casual look to a more edgy one.
Kirsten Dunst on the other hand chose a denim dress paired with a matching denim jacket. Her mix of the two denim pieces goes perfectly well giving her a glamorous look! 

David Beckham, Sean Penm, and Joe Jonas all look fabulous in denim on denim outfits.

David Beckham goes for a layered look with a denim pair of jeans, grey shirt, and denim jacket. He also adds matching black beanie and jacket. So many fashion elements in his outfit, yet so chic and rugged. It's the best of both worlds: casual yet flattering.

Sean Penm  unlike David Backham  goes for a simple look and chooses a monochromatic look by pulling off  a matching buttoned shirt and denim jeans of the same hue of blue.

As for Joe Jonas he succeeds in mixing different shades of blue for a casual and simple look yet he pulls off a very hot and appealing look.

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