Dress like a Celebrity in Splash

Posted On31 Aug 2014

Love how effortless the guys make it look? We pretty much figured out how they do it and it’s not as difficult as you thought it would not be nor does it have to burn a hole in your pocket too.

Check out how you can perfect these fashionable celebrity looks with Splash.


1. Classic

There is no doubt that jeans are an essential ingredient for a trendy outfit. There are a countless number of designs, colors and fits to choose from. There is one style that fits with all occasions: slim and dark denim.


You can dress them up by pairing them with a button-down shirt and a blazer, or you could go for a more casual look and choose a white t-shirt and comfy loafers or sneakers. Our celebrity inspiration for slim, dark denim jeans is David Beckham who has showed up to countless events wearing them, in addition to them being an essential part of his casual wear.


2. Button-Down Shirt

You must have been expecting to see this one on this list. Button-down shirts have recently become an indispensable addition to the modern man’s fashion arsenal in addition to their already dominant presence among formal wear items.


Whether you choose to wear them underneath a V-neck jumper and pair them with a blazer and tie, or just stick with the simple, classic button-down for a less formal look, you can always rest assured that that they will add a touch of elegance to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Actor and superstar Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of the most known celebrities to pull off button-down shirts and has chosen to wear them at a number of photo-shoots and movie premiers.


3. The Blazer

A few years ago, one would have never considered blazers part of causal wear. But over the past few years, it has greatly established itself as a modern and vital piece that can be dressed smart or casually. Whether you’re going on a first date or a job interview, blazers will always be an ideal outfit choice.


Wear a blazer with denim jeans, a white t-shirt and loafers for a more casual look or go for matching trousers, a tie, a shirt and leather shoes for a smart look. Perhaps one of the first celebrities that come to mind when we think of blazers is superstar Tom Hiddleston who always goes for blazers no matter the occasion!

(Pictures Courtesy: Fashionbeans.com)