ELLE competition: and the winners are...

Posted On14 May 2012

To celebrate the launch of ELLE – the newest addition to the Splash portfolio – we ran a competition asking readers to tell us why they thought they had an ‘ELLE personality’. We had a deluge of interesting answers, but three participants stood out from the crowd.


ELLE contest winners


Congratulations to IVANKA F, IAN CARLOS and DHANZY SANCHEZ – they demonstrated the flair, edge and style that’s synonymous with ELLE.


Ivanka F distinguishes herself by encompassing ‘poise, elegance and edge’ in her personal style. Being a university student, she understands that ‘being versatile while still stylish is extremely crucial’, enjoys ‘experimentation’ with fashion and loves ‘to be different’. She aspires to live up to ELLE’s standards and, if given the chance, will ‘embody everything that ELLE stands for’. Well done, Ivanka!


Ian Carlos embodies the ELLE personality by being ‘willing to take risks’ in expressing himself through his fashion sense, and ‘always comfortable’ with whatever he chooses to wear. He carries himself with poise, and resonates with those who, regardless of body shape or size, are able to ‘reveal their femininity or masculinity’ through their clothes and accessories. He ‘never conforms’, preferring to convert current trends to suit his own personal style – which is characterized by ‘individualism, confidence, the right attitude and uniqueness.’ Nice one, Ian!


Dhanzy Sanchez is ‘one-of-a-kind, like ELLE’. She sees ‘fashion as an art, the body as a canvas, and a personal sense of style as an individual’s masterpiece’. She is a ‘woman with a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage trends’. Dhanzy’s not afraid to go ‘outside the trend box’, ‘experiment with different looks’ and she ‘wears confidence as her most crucial accessory’. Rather than chasing every new fad, she chooses to ‘make it her own’ and ‘inspires others to be their own unique fashionista’. Way to go, Dhanzy!


Our stylish winners each get a special ELLE gift hamper worth AED 1,000. What a great way to kick off a new era of style with ELLE!