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Posted On07 Apr 2013

Are you in the mood for some Arabic movies and songs? Save your time and stop searching because this week we bring you the best Arabic movies releases along with some of the hottest Arabic hits that will put your party mode on!


وهلأ لوين


Where Do We Go Now? (in Arabic with English subtitles) is the story of a remote village in Lebanon where both Christians and Muslims live together in relative peace. In this fictitious village, the mosque and church stand side by side. Equally important is the religiously-divided cemetery which looms beyond.


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عمر وسلمى


An Eyption comedy film, its story revolves around the newlyweds Tamer Hosny (Omar) and Mai Ezz Aldin (Salma). The couple starts to face problems after marriage, especially when Salma stops taking care of herself and puts her attention on her kids only which makes Omar loses interest in her.


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مرجان أحمد مرجان


The film is in the form of satirical comedy mix of Arab societies problems, such as the issue of education. The main character is Morgan Ahmed Morgan, a successful businessman who has very relations with many important figures in the government; however, he lacks self confidence because he didn’t complete his education. Therefore, at the age of 60 he decides to complete his education and joins the same university where his sons are studying, that’s where a new chapter of his life begins


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Why not feed your iPod some good Arabic music? Check out our favorite Arabic tracks this week:

Habibi Barchelouni- Hussien Al Jasmi

Sawa – Rami Ayash & Maya Diab

Ya Ghali – Nancy Ajram

Mafi nom – Najwa Karam