Fashion resolutions for the New Year

Posted On15 Jan 2015

With each New Year comes a set of new resolutions that we aim to fulfill on the long-term. And when it comes to our appearance, setting your fashion resolutions is very important.  Instead of plotting too far ahead, set realistic and short term goals so you don’t give up and see motivating results faster. Check out these 4 fashion resolutions for 2015, try them out, and in no time you will have all eyes on you!


Think Before You Buy

Everyone assumes that style is associated with expensive clothes. False! You can be fashionable by shopping smart and saving money. Not every piece that looks nice will also suit your figure, form and style so make sure you know your body type and the styles that flatter your figure. Online shopping can help you make better decisions, helps you compare with other options and choose your favorite pieces. Moreover, before buying an item, try to think of different ways you can style it before you blindly buy it.



You can come up with endless outfit combinations when you master the art of accessorizing. Step up your game and don’t hesitate to add bracelets, headbands, scarves, sunglasses and even belts. The simplest outfit can go from a nay to yay with an added touch of accessories! So this year, go ahead experiment and incorporate your style into your look with your accessories. 


Try a statement piece

Don’t be intimidated by all the fashionistas around you. Anything can look good on you if you know how to style it. Weather its studs, pop colors, printed shirts or any other daring statement pieces, go for it and don’t be afraid to let out the fashion diva in you.


Establish your own look

It is very important to establish your own sense of style that makes you feel comfortable and pretty. Trends are constantly evolving and it’s very important to stay updated about the latest fashion trends; however, the best thing to do is to add your personal touch to each trend rather than to blindly follow it. Remember, your look represents you and plays a major role in the first impression you give and so your style should mirror your personality.

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