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Posted On28 Jun 2012

Our Splash Fashions guest blogger spot welcomes Sara Kirat of fashion blog Sara in Dubai, who’s been having fun mixing and matching some pieces from the ELLE at Splash collection. Here’s her take on creating a new look from your existing wardrobe.

Splash Fashions


Mix ‘n’ match

Fashion and stunning wardrobe pieces are essential in a woman's life. Yet, do you find yourself staring at your closet in confusion, not being able to decide what to wear, swearing that you’ve worn everything you have at least once in public? Well, mixing and matching the pieces in ways you haven’t thought of before might be the solution. With that said, you’ll notice that your favorite shirt is always paired with the same skirt. So get yourself out of this routine, add a blazer to it, along with summer cropped shorts, and you’ve got yourself a new look. I picked one of my favorite pieces from the ELLE at Splash collection, and paired it with various other pieces to create multiple looks, using the same gorgeous playsuit.

- with the whole color blocking and pastels craze going around, adding a blue blazer keeps you on-trend and gives your playsuit an extra dose of summer.

- a playsuit can be gorgeous for a night out, or a party, however, by adding some formal pants, which are also from the Elle collection, you now have a new outfit to wear to work.



- and finally, to give the outfit a girly spring vibe, I added a skirt to it, with two possible looks created. For a more serious feel, the sleeves can be worn down with the ribbon tied to the front, however, for a laid back look, I tied the ribbon to the back of the neck rather than the front, and unbuttoned the top.



And voila! Four looks have effortlessly been created using just the playsuit and some other chic Splash pieces. Head over to your nearest Splash store and enjoy mixing and matching your favorite pieces like I did.


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