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Posted On22 Jul 2012

It’s guest blogger time again and we are pleased to welcome back Sara Kirat, of local fashion blog Sara in Dubai. She’s got some great advise on how to use fun and colourful ways to spice up your workwear wardrobe without breaking rules.

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Summertime is the season for internships. It’s a time when eager high school and university students put their books away and prepare for a taste of the world of work that awaits them. It can be a daunting prospect and most interns have a mind filled with questions, thoughts and ideas; but one question is common to all: What do I wear? Freshers don't generally like being the odd one out, and an intern can have a hard time trying to figure out the company rules, the environment they’ll be entering and how the employees usually dress for the office.


However, outfit issues are not solely for newcomers, all employees need to give their outfits some thought, as walking into the office day after day in the typical black pants and white shirt combo, eventually becomes a dull routine.


For an instant colour boost, add a bright blazer to any work outfit. This beautiful pastel blue blazer has a certain degree of brightness that might not be everyone’s first choice, some women prefer darker, more subtle colours like emerald green.



For the more daring, a reverse step can be done; instead of keeping the usual outfit and adding a blazer, wear a colourful maxi dress from your summer wardrobe, and match it with a blazer to give it a professional vibe. The options are endless, but try to avoid colours that are too bright, like yellow; and also avoid V cuts.



Lastly, for people who prefer not to wander too far off the established colour path, you can always keep the blazer and the pencil skirt, or formal pants, and add a hint of colour with a light shirt.



Work outfits can be brightened up in various ways: bright bags, statement necklaces, colorful blazers and pastel dresses. But whatever outfit trick you go for, make sure you keep things simple and professional.



  • Avoid see-through clothing at all costs, even if the office atmosphere is light and flexible, it's not suitable.
  • For the ladies, avoid any dresses or skirts cut above the knees until you’re confident that it's not against company policy.
  • Avoid figure-hugging clothes, both for comfort and professionalism.
  • Flip flops and jeans are an obvious no-no.
  • Accessories are usually a good addition to an outfit, however, bracelets and stacked arm candy can get distracting and annoying after a while.


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