Festive weekend!

Posted On19 Jul 2012

You’re definitely counting down the days to the weekend. Aren’t we all? And we all want to look great while we’re having good times so here are a few quick, easy tips to get your look where you want it:


Festive outfits


If you’re stepping out to a festive occasion, nothing’s better than bright, bold colours that scream “PARTY”. Go for a tangerine skirt or shorts with a leopard-print shirt to create the perfect look for a hot summer night.


If you feel like you’re missing out on the sun, hit the beach on a Friday morning and keep it cool with an aqua cotton summer dress from Splash. It’s perfect to throw over a bathing suit when you want to take a break from the sun and keep your skin happy.


Simple, monochromatic cotton does the business at the beach, but ladies, if have you a special night out on the town, you must have a floral printed dress. As we’ve seen, floral prints are very in this summer – and if you want an even more attractive look, go for a one-shoulder. Make sure to add the right accessories, too.


Want to be the centre of attention? How about adding some glossy colours? Gold, silver, electric blue and more have become glitzier so you can shine like a star in the night. Remember that you don’t need to look glitzy from head to toe; a pair of silver pants is more than enough to make you stand out!


What’s your favourite keep-cool summer look?