Flatform Sandals: Elegance Meets Comfort This Summer!

Posted On23 Jul 2014

Flatform sandals have been reinvented season after season. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re back and fiercer than ever this Summer!


The great thing about platform sandals is that they are great statement accessories that can make your outfit more chic sans the blisters!


Courtesy of ProenzaSchouler .com


So how can you style your new flatform sandals to create a super-chic look?


Here are some tips to help you shine with elegance this summer!


Based On Your Body Shape


Selecting the right sandals is crucial if you want to balance out your body shape and create a slimmer silhouette. First, you need to be aware of your body shape and determine if you have a bottom or top-heavy body figure. 

Courtesy of Birdonawirevintage.tumblr.com & Aliexexpress.com


If your lower body is less prominent, then trendy sandal designs will look perfect on you. These will help create more curves on your body frame, especially if the sandals have eye-catching details such as beads, buckles, or straps.


If your lower body is more prominent, then simpler sandals will suit you better. Neutral black, brown, and nudes with less detail will be perfect in that case.


Based On Material

Courtesy of C0c0-fashion.com


If you’re looking for maximum comfort, then cork is your friend. The perfect style that suits cork-sole sandals is casual. Pair them with some jeans and a stylish t-shirt and some statement accessories and off you go!


Based On Color

Courtesy of Dhgate.com


Neutral and pastel shaded sandals, butterfly soft leather, cork wedge heels, and tribal themes are in style this summer.


If you want to have a couple of head turns, opt for springtime color trends such as marine blue, mint green, yellow, and orange.


Which style will you rock this summer?