Gaga’s Art Pop Ball: Fun Facts

Posted On10 Sep 2014

It’s official! LADY GAGA’S ART RAVE – THE ART POP BALL is coming to Dubai for one show only on 10 September!

Check out a quote from Lady Gaga about Dubai in a recent interview with Karl Lagerfeld in Harper’s Bazaar:


Karl Lagerfeld: I heard you’re going to Dubai for the first time. I hope you like it. I loved it when I showed the Chanel Dubai collection there.

Lady Gaga: I’m very excited to go there, see my fans, give them the show of a lifetime. And, of course, I must explore the local designers and go shopping!


We couldn’t contain our excitement, so we dug up a few fun facts about the Art Pop Ball since everyone is talking about it!


1)    478 feet of air hosing, this inflates a garden on stage during the show.

2)    144 tour personnel including Lady Gaga, band, dancers, creative directors, stylists, production team, management staff, technicians, and drivers make up the touring team.

3)    110 feet of runway spanning from the main stage over the audience on the arena floor. The runways connect to several platforms leaving fans guessing just where to stand on the floor. All the runways are visible from underneath.

4)    24 songs including “Applause,” “G.U.Y.” & “Do What U Want” from her most recent #1 Billboard Top 200 album ARTPOP plus previous favorites “Telephone” “Just Dance” “Born This Way” & “Bad Romance” and more.

5)    15 inflatable trees, which sprout up on stage during “Venus” creating a bouncy garden in the middle of the show.

6)    14 dancers of all shapes and sizes, 5 band members including 2 guitars, bass, keys & drums keep the beat alive throughout the show.

7)    14 wardrobe changes — one of which happens on stage — with the fastest outfit swap taking only 30 seconds.


Well you just have to see it to believe it because it seems like Lady Gaga is not stopping anytime soon! This is one show we can’t wait to check out.