Get the Job!

Posted On28 Oct 2013

Besides building your qualifications, developing your personal elevator pitch and increase your networks, you should also have a decent, fashionable look. Because style is a way of saying who you are without speaking.


Smart in Peplum

Having difficulties deciding what to wear for your first interview? Here's all what you need for a professional, trendy look – a peplum top, straight fit trousers, heels and a satchel bag. Keep it classic in black and white if you’re not too experimental.


Peplum Top – 110 AED


Professionally Bright

If you’re not into the typical conservative office attire, try on the neon blazer and shine up. A touch of neon or a pop of color can definitely re-vamp your entire look. Funky, classy and can pass off at an office without looking over the top. This professional get up will give you the ‘go getter’ look.


Cropped Neon Jacket – 140 AED


Poised in Pastel

Beige and black are the perfect combination for a poised professional image. This look is simple yet will definitely make you stand out along with the accessories. Remember to keep your accessories to chic and minimal.


Perma pleated Maxi Skirt – 120 AED


Elle Brocade Crop Jacket – 150 AED