Get Your Freak On!

Posted On30 Oct 2013

With Halloween only a day away, the anticipation is building up! Now comes the question of what’s the best Halloween costume that you can pull off. Gone are the days where Halloween only meant scary costumes!


Superheroes & Villains

It’s the battle of the good and the bad. Which one are you going to be this Halloween – A superhero or Villain? Choose from characters from Sci-Fi movies, comics, tv shows, books or action flicks.


Characters Come Alive

There are so many cool characters to choose from to be for Halloween. Everyone from Romantic novel characters to characters from Disney movies.  Remember the trick is to improvise; you don’t need to have the very same look especially if it’s a last minute costume. Our favorite pick is Edward Scissorhands and Cruella de vil.


Egypt meets Rome

There has always been something fascinating about the Egyptian & Roman era as and fashion lovers, we can’t help notice the getups they used to wear during that era. Even though it might be an obvious choice to go with this Halloween, why not go as one of your favorite queen, king or soldier from that time or even a mythology character like Zeus or Isis.


What are you going to be this Halloween?