Get your hair beach-ready this summer

Posted On08 Aug 2012

With the Dubai heat and humidity playing havoc with our lovely tresses, us girls have to spend hours with a curling iron or a blow dryer. Now that's time we could well spend at the beach or by the pool, but us Splash ladies always want to look our best — without having to work too hard at it — so we have a few tricks for you.


get your hair beach-ready


Today we’re going to share 4 simple steps to creating your very own fabulous spray for summer hair, so that you can spend all the money you save on cute dresses and shoes.

Step 1: Buy a plastic bottle with a spray nozzle and fill it with water.

Step 2: Add a few tablespoons of sea salt (not table salt, not rock salt, just sea salt). 

Step 3: Top that off with a bit of conditioner or olive oil (Oh…and why not aim for some awesome-smelling hair by using fragrant oils too?).

Step 4: Shake all the ingredients together and then spray all over your hair. For dry hair, spritz until really damp. For wet hair, just make sure it's well coated.


This should give your hair a nice, gritty, natural texture where you can control the amount of beach waviness you want. For natural waves, scrunch you hair; for va-va-voom waves tie it up in a bun till it dries and then simply shake out your hair. Ta-da! You can give your hair curlers some rest this summer.