Guilt-free low calorie snacks for summer

Posted On31 Jul 2014

Everyone knows how hard it is to resist tempting foods, especially during summer vacation when it’s all about fun activities, travelling, and trying new dishes.

But who said healthy snacks aren’t just as delicious? Here’s our list of healthy and refreshing snacks for you to enjoy guilt-free this summer!


Turkey breast slices, spreadable Swiss cheese and cucumber spears

Deli turkey might not seem like a snack at first, but when you pair it with a light cheese wedge and roll it around with some cucumber spears, it will make an amazingly delicious snack. It’s also an ideal snack to bring along with you at the office.


Single-serve pouch of flavored tuna on a rice cake

We’ve all seen tuna top the lists of healthy snacks before. But this time, there’s a delicious, new twist. Add a big rice cake to the equation and you have a snack that will fill you up and keep you healthy and guilt-free.


Feta and Cucumber Dip

Cucumber is a very necessary ingredient of any summer snack. The trick is to create an accompanying dip that transforms this from a snack to a treat! You can use skim milk instead of cream, add 1/2 t salt and you’re good to go!


Veggie and olives low-carb dip

Using veggies and olives as part of your snack is smart, but adding a low carb dip will make this brilliant! For this dip, you can use 2% cottage cheese, fat free plain Greek, low fat mayo and only 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Healthy, low carb, and fat free!


2% cottage cheese and freeze-dried fruit

Healthy snacks can be sweet, too! A mix of 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and ¼ cup freeze-dried fruit will create a sweet, crunchy snack that is full of fibers. Also, make sure to use the freeze-dried fruits as they contain less sugar than the regularly dried fruits.

So, what will you snacking on this summer?

(Pictures Courtesy: Sarah Anne Ward and