How to match accessories with your look

Posted On08 Jul 2012

No matter how fashionable your outfit looks, it can never be complete without adding the right accessories. In this Splash TV episode, our host Clare will help you accessorize your look for three different occasions: a brunch, a day at the office, and of course, for party time.



When it comes to dressing for a brunch, you can wear any simple dress, that doesn’t even have to be colorful, as long as you can beautify it with bright accessories. Clare recommends a neon yellow bag to add fun and color to your look; you can also add some bright shiny bracelets, but don’t forget your vintage shades.


You might think that office wear is limited when it comes to accessories, but you can still look professional with a trendy big black bag — it’s going to be your best friend because you no longer have to worry about carrying your laptop, iPad, or notebook around, just use your big bag! Other accessories for the office include putting a statement ring on to add glamour and class to your office look, and if you’re wearing a loose shirt try to show your curves off by adding a thin black belt.


Who doesn’t want to look fabulous for a party? That’s why we always go for eye-catching dresses. However, be careful when selecting the right accessories to match your party wear, as you don’t want to overdo it. Keep it elegant and simple by adding a small gold necklace for a rich and sophisticated look, and match it with some colorful bracelets that can go along with your dress.  Finally, add a simple black clutch to your look and get ready to rock the party.